Painting Services

One of the best ways to freshen up the old look is by adding a splash of new paint. Not only does a great paint job make things look and feel better, it will do wonders for the rent or saleability of your property.

The Spruce-It-Up paint crew is experienced in start-to-finish interior and exterior painting, that includes more than just the brushwork:

Interior painting

  • From refresh painting to a full repaint, big or small
  • Wall washing – sometimes that’s all it needs
  • Ceiling painting, including stain blocking
  • From painting internal woodwork to changing and installing doors and trim
  • Repairing drywall prior to painting to make walls look their level best
  • Painting cabinets to have them look as good as new
  • Don’t forget to look down: cement floor painting

Interior final touches

  • Changing plugs, switches and cover plates
  • Replacing door knobs, hinges and drawer pulls
  • Caulking trim, tubs and sinks
  • Or how about installing a new towel rack and other bathroom accents?

painted interiorExterior painting and maintenance

  • From touch-up to full repaint, there comes a time in every building’s life…
  • Power washing – sometimes that’s all it needs
  • When it comes to painting the trim, why not try a new colour?
  • Deck, stairs and fences – including special coatings, non-slip treatments and repair
  • Moss and mildew treatment to remove the green
  • Wood staining to preserve the lustre of the wood for years

railings and deck painted


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