Rental Property Maintenance

As a landlord or property manager, it feels like there is always maintenance to be done. Whether there’s a burst pipe or a broken washer-dryer, smoke alarms needing testing and replacing or drywall damage requiring a fresh coat of paint… a myriad of problems can strike a rental dwelling. If you do not have the time or skill level to fix these problems, you will need to hire a professional. However, repeated calls to specialized workers, such as plumbers or electricians, will quickly devour your profit margin.

broken applianceTo look after all your rental property maintenance needs, Spruce-It-Up has you covered. From managing ongoing repairs, to prepping for rental or sale, to dealing with unforeseen damage and repairs, we pride ourselves in taking care of it all.


Regular maintenance checks

Allow us to manage your ongoing maintenance needs, from checking the smoke detectors to full rentals property rehab after a tenant from hell. We ensure regular wear and tear – such as carpet repair or re-stretching to laminate floor repair – is taken care of in a timely manner. By retaining our services on a monthly basis, your maintenance costs are spread over a given period of time to give you peace of mind for your property and your wallet.

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